To change our lives we have to think!!!

Rats always enjoyed life in their little community but they had only one problem, the cat. The cat would come in and disrupt their joy and celebrations and most of the times would kill some rats.
One day one rat called for a meeting because she felt she had a brilliant idea to ease the problem. In the meeting the wise rat rose up and shared her vision, “guys if only we would put a bell around the neck of a cat, this trouble will be enough cause we will be able to tell of its whereabouts”. Acknowledging the brilliant ideas, all the rats threw a big dance celebrating the greatest victory over their long tormenting enemy the cat. However one rat created a scene of sadness and dismay when he paused a question, ” brilliant idea guys, I respect the great visionary who is desiring to cause a permanent change, but my question is, who will bell the cat?” The party was over, each rat went to his and her corner in silence.

Lesson: Good ideas need critical thinking, it is cool to think outside the box to bring about a change into our circumstances!


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