20 Encouraging Quotations

• Apply your failures as a guide towards success
• Do not try. Just do it.
• Make a list of your dreams. No matter how hard they might be to achieve, just sit down and write all your dreams down.
• Make a list of your goals and think how you can achieve them
• Use negative feedback and criticism to your advantage and better yourself
• Make a list of your values. What do you value most and build your success upon them
• Your success depends on your failures as well as your achievements.
• If you are in doubt let someone else do it. Doubtfulness is saying I almost believe it. If you don’t fully believe it, leave it for someone else who does
• Avoid interruptions during your productivity time. Whatever it might be, work or family or some alone time, interruptions can throw you off for whatever it is you are doing.
• Breath deeply and let go off any stress.
• Rest and relaxation plays as much an important part as exercise itself.
• Do not worry. All it does is gets you ready for negative outcomes.
• Think happy thoughts and there will be positive outcomes.
• Do not step back from the job at hand when fear subsides in you.
• Use your brain not only your heart.
• Eliminate emotions by letting go off the past and thinking about the present.
• What has happened in the past will most probably stay the same; you can’t change it. Instead focus on the present and live today instead of yesterday.
• Don’t let the time control you. You control the time.
• Time management is the most effective tool you can utilize and become successful.
• Create strategies and build credibility among your peers.
• Once again, forget the past and live it up in the present.


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